A value too good to pass up!!

I had been looking at getting a new toolbox for some time. The toolbox set I had bought when I started school just wasn’t cutting it when I actually started working. Being a “stacked” style box, it was too tall to pass under the aircraft and it didn’t provide me any working area surface. I don’t remember how I came to find out about Montezuma toolboxes or Strictlytoolboxes.com. But once I did, I was eye-balling the 72″ Montezuma Elite for A LONG time, many months to almost a year. I was hesitant to make such a large purchase on-line, but the alternatives cost way too much from one of the tool trucks. I browsed around several websites looking at different brands. But I always kept coming back to STB.com and the 72″ Montezuma Elite. It looked to be an awesome box at a very good price and STB.com seemed to have a history of happy customers. The day I decided to “pull the trigger” was when I was talking to a guy at work who was going to school. I had mentioned the 72″ Montezuma Elite I was think about and he said if I made the move, he’d buy my old box. That was all it took to get it past the Mrs. I placed my order one evening, and to my surprise, I got notified my box had been shipped by about 10 am the next day. About 48 hours later, it had already made it from STB.com in FL to Milwaukee!!! After that weekend, the truck pulled up to my driveway. I had already reviewed the receiving and freight inspection instructions many times and was ready the moment it hit the pavement. The driver was awesome too. He was curious as to what was in the crate and wanted to see it too when I told him it was my new toolbox. He even helped me uncrate it for inspection since the crate showed signs of a 1000 plus miles in the back of several semi-trailers. But the robust crate did it’s job and my shiny new blue Montezuma box emerged unscathed by the trip. I took it to work on my day off and spent several hours transferring all my tools to their new home. Many people knew I was getting a new box and right away it started attracting on-lookers and admirers. The complements still haven’t stopped, nor have the questions like “Is that all it cost!!???” STB.com has been as awesome as the product they sell. I inquired about possibly getting some extra keys and the answer was “where do you want them sent”!! I had one minor issue with a wheel lock not staying locked and they shipped me a free replacement that same day!!! I have absolutely no bad things to say about STB.com’s customer service, nadda, zip, nothing!! Their service has been flawless. I had some questions about getting different drawers and additional corners guards which they answered very promptly. Now that I’ve had my box for about a month, I can say it’s been doing everything I wanted. It rolls under the belly of the jets so I don’t have to go way the heck around. And it gives me all the working surface I need for my tech manual data, parts or materials. The rolling resistance is much less than one would expect for a box of this size or weight. It actually takes much less effort to move it than my old, much smaller box. If I had to come up with one critique for the box, it would be the suspension springs on the wheels are too stiff. They need A LOT MORE weight in the box to get the suspension to flex over uneven floor surfaces. That being said, when you roll it over a surface that is slightly dished shaped, only the casters on the 4 corners make contact with the ground. The center wheels that keep the box rolling straight are not touching the ground and the toolbox gets a little squirrely and hard to steer until the floor contour changes and the center wheels again touch the ground. I think maybe some options for some softer springs for the wheels would fix the issue. But overall I can say in all honesty, I am one happy camper!! The quality and value of the 72″ Montezuma Elite cannot be beat nor can STB.com’s customer service. It’s about as close to a “no loose” situation as you will ever find.

Kent from Marquette, Michigan