Awesome box

When I ordered my tool box I was a little skeptical at first. I found strictly tool boxes by chance online and when I saw the prices I thought it was to good to be true and although the boxes were good size I thought the quality would be lacking. I was wrong by far. I have had toolboxes during my career that have come off certain tool trucks and this one is the same quality for a lot better price. With this one when the deal is done it’s done. No more paying the man every week and sure don’t have to remortgage the house like I have seen other techs do. When I called strictly tool boxes they was right on the spot answering questions and getting my order placed. As soon as it arrived and was taken out of the crates it came in I cannot tell you how impressed I was. The box is huge and when you open the drawers they just keep on coming. It amazes me the quality you get for such a good deal. The only complaint I had was on one of the side cabinets you have to turn the door around so it will match what is pictured that wasn’t a problem but what was is their emblem is now upside down. It’s a small thing but with such a nice tool box you kind of want everything uniform because everybody that walks in the shop is going to look at it. Besides the emblem that is the only other problem, everybody that comes in stands in front of it just starring and tend to get in the way. I wish I had known about strictly tool boxes sooner I would have saved thousands of dollars but I’m glad I found them now. If you are having doubts about getting this box don’t, you will not find another deal even close to this just ask the men driving the tool trucks around what you will get for 6 grand and see what you walk off with.

Darren from Avery, TX