Best box I’ve owned

I love this box. I used to have two 42″ bottom cabinets and a 42″ top chest at work. I’ve managed to fit everything into this one tool box and still have room to spare. Definitely an attention getter though. Others in the shop wanted to know where I got it after looking it over and hearing the price. In the shop I work there are Snap On, Mac, Craftsman, Cornwell and Matco toolboxes. All except for Craftsman cost more and none are as nice as this box. I would love to get another to replace some of the boxes in my home shop. I would and do strongly recommend looking into these boxes if you’re in need of one. has the greatest customer support I’ve dealt with. I buy tools and equipment online all the time. I’ve never gotten phone calls about the status of my order or instructions on how to inspect my package. Great box, great service, awesome price. I can’t imagine going to anyone else in the future. Thanks and keep it up!

Johnnie from Hooper, Utah