Awesome box, fast shipping!

This box arrived in perfect condition. I ordered it the day before Thanksgiving and it still made it from Florida to Colorado in less than a week. Incredible. The toolbox is sturdy, just as good if not better than any of the SnapOn or Cornwell boxes I’ve seen around the shop. The drawers were a little hard to open when empty, but with some weight in them they became much easier to open and close. I really like the drawer detents. I find that they hold the drawers closed better than normal latches would. With weight in them they open and close easily, and once closed they stay closed. They won’t ‘wander’ open. Strictly Toolboxes also has great customer service. I am confident that had I had a problem with the toolbox, or when receiving the toolbox that they would have sorted it out in no time. If I ever need another box I will buy again from these guys. I would highly recommend this box to anyone. Much cheaper than any of the tool truck brands and just as sturdy.

Lane from Fort Collins, CO