Better than the big names? The numbers don’t lie!

After almost a decade, I had outgrown (out-tool’d?) my 60” ***simizer stacker. It worked great, but it was time to get more space. Seeing buddies at other shops basically take out mortgages for their big name/tool truck toolboxes, I looked around online for other options. Strictly Toolboxes popped up in one of my searches. A few nights of research and comparison and I had found my new box: The 84” Tool Vault Elite with hutch and side locker (TV-84Combo3). The color choice was simple: White. I spoke with Joe when I called. He answered every single one of my inane questions, and got me a bunch of info I didn’t even know! The customer service *before* the sale was absolutely awesome. About a week later, the tool box arrived. Everything is packed so amazingly well; the trucking company would really have to screw up to damage the container . It took a few hours to get everything together (2-person job minimum!). Once together, I was EXTREMELY happy! The toolbox is massive, but it will be staying in place. The white looks great in my shop, and most importantly- all my tools fit in it! The fit and finish is excellent. The welds are clean and the build quality is on par or better than the popular names. The tool swap took a while, but it was totally worth the time. Friends (mechanics and non-mechanics) have all complimented me on the toolbox; the finish on the stainless steel top is a big hit with everyone. My fellow race car mechanics that work in the industry won’t ever tell me they’re jealous, but….they did ask for the website name! Seeing comparable big name toolboxes upwards of $30,000, I can understand why professionals are filtering over to Strictly Toolboxes. Quality gear and great customer service, at a fraction of the price. Now that Strictly Toolboxes is offering financing, the tool truck companies are probably quakin’ in their boots! I’m not sure I’ll ever need to come back as this box will last me a very long time, but I will definitely be sending folks to the site for the best tool box deals out there. Thanks!