Excellent Toolbox

Packaging The packaging top notch. They package these toolboxes well. The chest came packaged in a wooden crate on a pallet. Open the crate and then you have chest in a cardboard box wrapped in plastic. There are supports under the chest that prevent any sagging during shipping and around all the casters there are strips that would prevent rolling. The hutch is shipped on top of the chest and it too is packaged well. Plan to have help or some lifting equipment getting it off the chest because it is heavy. The lockers are also packaged well. I ordered two and they each came on a small pallet. Both of my lockers came sitting on the smaller pallets on one larger pallet. This made the unboxing a little challenging so you will need help getting the off the pallets. All in all, the unboxing took some time and wasn’t too bad just have help. Delivery I called the freight company as soon as I received the tracking information as instructed and they made my appointment and talked to me about any special situations they might encounter during the delivery. On the day of the delivery the driver called me about 30 minutes before arrival. My toolbox went into a detached shop and the driver backed down my driveway and right up to the roll up door. My toolbox came on two pallets and the driver unloaded them and put them in my shop. The delivery went smooth except for the inspection of the toolbox. Strictly Toolboxes tell you not sign to for the delivery until you have inspected the toolbox. The driver unloaded and was gone before I realized it. I didn’t sign anything. Lucky for me my toolbox wasn’t damaged at all. The Toolbox The quality of this toolbox is as good if not better than the Mac Tools toolbox that it’s replacing as my main toolbox. The assembly of all of it will require help lifting the hutch. The hutch is attached to the chest, so you have to drill through the stainless-steel top. To do this remove two screws found on the underside of the top. Reaching in the top drawer and feel a little left and right of center. The top was marked so drilling wasn’t difficult. The lockers come with a set of casters installed that help you get them into place before you lift and hang them. After you’ve completed the installation of the lockers the casters get removed. The handles and casters are strong, and liners are in every drawer of the chest and lockers. I did have to request two locks and they were sent out quickly.