Just buy it already!

I am a professional automotive technician and work at a Chevrolet dealership. I had more than outgrown my tool box and needed something new. A google search brought me to Strictlytoolboxes.com and their Tool Vault Elite line. After a bunch of research, I pulled the trigger and ordered a 72x30in box in lime green. I received emails and phone calls from Strictly Toolboxes within an hour detailing shipping information and instructions for receiving and inspecting the box. Just over 48 hours after ordering, FedEx delivered my new box to the shop. The delivery driver helped un-crate the box and stood by while I inspected it. Any reservations I had about spending over $3,000 on a toolbox without first handling it in person faded away immediately. It is solid! I have been super impressed with the box, and so have the other techs in the shop. Even my Foreman (who recently bought a $15,000 Snap-On box), has showed my box off to several people and bragged on how affordable it was. A few techs have said they will likely buy from Strictly Toolboxes when the time comes to upgrade their boxes. Having used the box for nearly a month, my only gripe about the box is the rough, textured finish to the silver aluminum drawer pulls. They collect oily, greasy fingerprints immediately, and are a pain to clean. Other than that, the box is outstanding. If you are on the fence about buying one of these boxes, just do it. And if you’re thinking about spending 3 or 4 times as much on a box off of the tool trucks, don’t! Having handled my box and boxes from Snap-On, Matco and Mack I can honestly tell you they aren’t worth the premium. Buy Tool Vault with confidence.