This toolbox is incredible! I am a diesel mechanic and was looking for a new tool box for my widely growing tool collection. I couldn’t be happier with making the decision to spend my hard earned money on this product. Im happy i went with the detents vs the new Montezuma with raise latches. I feel as they would get annoying after awhile. This box is much taller than i had expected, much more so than the other boxes in our shop. Me being 6’5″ makes it perfect height for me.. The only thing i wish was offered *hint *hint is black trim and pull handles. I think it would just be good as an option for the people going for that look. Also the handles are kind of hard to get dirt out of due the texture. If it was black it wouldn’t be an issue. I look forward to adding on to this cabinet and using this thing for a very long time. The best thing about buying from here is unlike the tool trucks you aren’t being badgered to spend more money on a bigger tool box with more options. You can take your time to research and make a stress free educated decision on what you want from your roller cabinet. Thank you strictlytoolboxes for your service and i will be recommending anyone in the market for a professional grade toolbox to you guys.

Stephen from Kansas City