Snapon Quality without the Snappy Price

20+ years of wrenching and having had Matco, Mac and Snapon toolboxes, I have to admit I was skeptical at first (how can they be so much cheaper?), but after much research and reading lots of reviews, I finally decided to order this Tool Vault monster, and was very impressed with the quality and construction. Side by side with my older, smaller Snapon, I have to say this box beats that KRL, as the Tool Vault has reinforcing ribs under the drawers (unlike the KRL). Even heavily loaded drawers (air tool, puller, socket drawer, etc) glide smoothly without binding or twisting. Shipping was fast for where I live (in the sticks), ordered Thursday it arrived Tuesday. Only fault I can point to in the entire process of buying this tool box is when it’s all crated up for shipping is, it’s 8′ long…..and nobody has an 8′ liftgate, and you can’t turn an 8′ skid inside an 8′ trailer. Thankfully I have a forklift, so we were able to use it in conjunction with the liftgate to get it safely on the ground. Driver was very helpful and pointed out a few scuffs on the crating, insisting we uncrate it (I think he was as excited to see this box as I was.) Box arrived in perfect condition.