Make Truck Brand Buyers Look Like Fools

*This toolbox is used in a Professional Automotive setting everyday within a very large Toyota Dealership* I ordered the Montezuma Elite 72″ with Hutch about 3 months ago and feel I have had enough time with it to give a thorough review. First off, let me say that I couldn’t have been happier with the service given to me by Strictly. Joe is incredible, answers all questions and gives you updates on everything. He really gets involved right about when the box is delivered, making sure you, the buyer, understands the entire delivery inspection process. When the box is delivered, it looks as well packaged as any highly important package. It took a good deal of time to get the tool boxes out to check them over. I looked over every inch of the both pieces and found absolutely nothing wrong. There was a hole punched through the exterior wood board, but there was so much protective foam and packaging inside, that nothing got through. This is a testament to their incredible packaging job, and the care they give when delivering your toolbox. After everything is out and setup, I really got to take a good look at how massive this thing is! These tool boxes are tanks, and are very solid. Believe me, the 1400lbs that this setup is quoted at, is no exaggeration, there’s a lot of steel in this tool box! It took 4 of us to lift the hutch up on the tool box. Only odd thing, is that I found I had to drill through the SS top to mount the hutch. Maybe I did it wrong? But i couldn’t find any other way to mount it. The mounting hardware is hidden so no one would ever know. After the hutch was mounted, I was able to start playing with things. The hutch door opens with a little muscle required just because of how thick and rugged it is. As it rolls back in, it makes a nice thud when it engages it’s stop. The ONLY complaint, is that it doesn’t go in farther. I keep worrying i might bash my head on it, but when i looked at other hutches, it seems to be a typical trait of all hutches. So no points deducted! The shelf is way nicer than most would thing. Keeping things up out of the way, but still within reach is such a luxury that many in the shop get jealous about. As far as lighting, I have two 36″ fluorescent lights. One on the backside of the hutch door (so when it opens its right above the shelf), and one under the shelf which really brightens up the work surface. I love the SS top with the textured finish. I get a lot of compliments on it, as no truck branded tool boxes have a top like this. It really does catch your eye when walking by. When working on it, it is very solid and does not interfere with writing, as I was concerned about that. The drawers on the tool box are all very solid and open/close with authority. The large drawer up top is immense and will fit anything you throw at it. The fact that is also has two shallow “superwide” drawers below it are a HUGE plus. Most truck brands only offer one. With two, i can put longer screwdrivers/pry bar sets in the first, and in the second, my huge pliers collection. There’s definitely no shortage on space in it. The drawer liners are very tacky and keep tools, etc from sliding around when closing or opening. They really are premium liners. The six sprung casters with 4 brakes really aid in moving this boat around. I honestly don’t know how I would move this toolbox over uneven surfaces without them. Not only do they work and look good, but they take stress of the tool box when rolling over rough surfaces. My tool box came with two polished, heavy duty handles, one for each side. I don’t know if I got an extra or if you really get two, but it’s nice when positioning it into a spot. The paint finish is very nice and looks like automotive quality. I’m quite particular of my things and take very good care of stuff. I wax it once a week and wipe it down with mist detailer every night. So it has stayed looking incredible. It does seem to like fingerprints… But I’m sure every tool box does. All in all, i couldn’t be happier. It makes my job easier everyday and is a joy to work with. I come in every morning smiling when I see it. It really is THAT nice. I was actually looking at a Mxxxx 5s box for more than what I spent on this, except it was only 56″ wide and 25″ deep with NO hutch. I knew it just wasn’t going to cut it size wise. This tool box fits the bill perfectly. Huge size, incredible quality, and an amazing value. I have been recommending Montezuma (through Strictly of course) to anyone looking for a new tool box. A few apprentices have just started a bit ago and are in need of a tool box that will suit them for awhile without breaking the bank. I showed both of them this site and they immediately decided to bail on the little, overpriced Sxxx-Ox boxes they were looking at. They were even discounting them 50% and were still more than an equivalent Monty. Another Master Tech here claimed he was going to order a Hutch for his Mxxxx after seeing mine just because of how expensive the Mxxxx one was. I seem to be converting a good deal of techs in the shop. The others just walk away with their tail between their legs, knowing they spent 3x what i did for a tool box that in my opinion, isn’t any better. Montezuma is about to take over. With their prices and quality, I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.

Ryan from Rochester, NY

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